About Me

My name is Sam McGarry. I am a Danish-American currently located in Ithaca, NY. I have been interested in programming since I was quite young. My first real programming project was when I was in 8th grade. For my final project that year I wrote an image editing program in C# that ran on Windows.

Today I am interested in IOS Development because of the large demographic that uses IOS, as well as the simplistic consumer friendly approach of Apple products. I've enjoyed learning Swift and understanding the inner-workings of app development thus far.

In my free time I enjoy playing and learning about the game of Chess. In one of my future projects I would like to make some sort of Chess app. In the past I have worked as a professional cook, so when I have time I enjoy cooking fun meals and learning about different cuisines. Another passion of mine is traveling and language learning. Both actually play a factor in why I chose programming as a profession. Programming would allow me to travel to new places, and continue learning machine languages as well as human ones.

Recently I lived abroad in France, and I became conversationally fluent in French after studying it for several months. I have also been lucky enough to travel to places such as India, The Dominican Republic, Portugal, and several other countries.  

I have many passions and I often look for ways that they intersect. This is why I made my cooking app RecipeCache, as I knew it would help me in the kitchen in addition to expanding my knowledge as a developer. Below you can see some pictures from my travels and my various hobbies.